10 Steps for Successful Real Estate Investing Now

James Best gives us his list of what works. Arrogant bankers may even return your phone calls now. Why? Because you can take those properties off their hands….

Here’s more basic and good real estate investing advice- this time from James Best.


He gives his simple blueprint with such gems as banks are very motivated sellers right now.

Let’s let that soak in.


Will some of those arrogant mitigation departments be returning your phone calls now?

I think so.  Why?


Because you can do something for them.  You can take those foreclosed properties off their hands.


Also James brings up the fact that regular home sellers will be highly motivated to sell this time of year.  Everyone in real estate knows this.  Make it work to your advantage.


But I especially like his Step #7- Find a system and stick to it.


There are a lot of good systems out there.  Pick one that works for you and your personality,giving you the extra tools you need for real estate investing success.  Quit buying everything and flitting from system to system.  That’s confusing.


Get focused in 2009

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