Should You Buy a McMansion for the Right Price?

Should you invest in a McMansion even if it’s the real estate bargain of the century?

How are McMansions doing right now?


You know our modern white elephants?


Are they actually selling?


Should you buy one, even if you get the real estate bargain of the century?


"Yes, No, Maybe," as the little girl said when asked if she had taken candy out of the candy dish…



But here’s the thing to really consider. If you buy a McMansion at a very good price would it be to your best interest to live in it, and then sell out later?


That’s a good question because anything can change.  Perhaps the neighborhoods around the McMansion will eventually grow up to it.


And if you really want in a certain neighborhood, such as the Green Hills section of Nashville, you’d probably be wise to go ahead and buy in…


That’s a tough real estate investing decision that you need to weigh your options around.

Read the Wall Street Journal’s  The Stampede of White Elephants

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