Real Estate Rule #2: Develop Clout

Here’s how to invest in real estate out of town. If you’re going to be a successful real estate investor you must deal with a competent realtor and property management company. Here’s how…

 Here is real estate Rule #2. 

Get the right team together and  develop clout and you can invest anywhere in the country.

Adiel Gorel of ICG Investments talks about how it works for him.  He’s in San Francisco and deals with a lot of Silicon Valley people who need to invest in real estate but don’t want to invest in that area.  And we all know why.


I think Gorel has hit on something major when he talks about teaming up.  Several real estate investors can band together to get the best services with a competent Realtor that you trust and a property management company that will do business right by you. 

It’s a whole lot easier if you have more clout.  That concept will work beautifully in your neck of the woods also.  That’s another reason why we recommend that you get into a local real estate investing club as soon as possible.      

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