Why We Should Care About HOA’s

An HOA can make your life miserable. That is if you didn’t do your research before buying that condo. Here’s what you’d better know…

"What is an HOA and why should I care?"

That was a question that appeared in the Phoenix Real Estate Guy’s blog yesterday.  It was written by a new homebuyer who was relocating from Ireland to Phoenix.

Boy, does this open up a can of worms.

I know, because we’ve been dealing with an HOA, or Home Owner’s Association for over 20 years.  

Here’s a warning.  You’d better know everything you can find out about them, before you sign on the dotted line.  An over active homeowner’s association can make your life miserable. 

What are their rules?

Better find out now. If they tell you  you can’t have the stained glass window know now they will mean it.  They can, and will, make you take it down.

How much are their hoa fees?  Are there spendthrifts on the board? 

Think about that before you invest.  Do you really want to pay for those extra tulips?

Last but now least, what about leaks and construction problems?  Who really pays?

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