Burbed, Socketsite Feature Strange But Interesting Listings

Yep, Burbed is right about that San Mateo property being a little too close to the interestate. And check out Socketsite’s review of that strange condo deal in San Francisco. Parking still matters, folks…

Burbed is another real estate blog I’m following.


I like his property reviews about condo listings,  which I think shows his expert knowledge and sense of humor.


Check out the  three bedroom house in San Mateo. 


Yep, Burbed is right.  The interstate is a little close to that property’s back door for my liking. 


Future buyers, if there actually are any, would probably agree.


Here’s another California blog worth mentioning, since I’m kind of in a California Dreaming mood today.  (I really need to get out more)


Socketsite.  He has  featured some real unique homes in the San Francisco area  that I thought were kind of interesting.


One, having been described as "insatiable" has been taken off the market, even though it had been listed $105,000 cheaper than other units in the same development.


Hmmmm.  We have to ask why, but only as a formality.  We already know the answer. 


By the way, what on earth does "insatiable" mean for a condo anyway?


Go see Socketsite’s insatiable condo



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