Hobbit House Real Estate

Hobbit houses for real? Yes, and this one only cost $10,000 to build with $0 mortgage.

Hobbits have to have places to live too.  Did you know they’re also real estate investors?

Here is a real honest- to -goodness hobbit house built by Simon Dale of Wales. 


Estimated cost- $10,000.

Simon built the house with the help of his father-in-law and friends.

Much of the material was leftovers and stuff that had been thrown away.

Mortgage- $0.

Is there a lesson here for those of us who are not really "green"?

Yes, you can do a lot with a little.

I realized that a long time ago when one of my college art teachers designed and built a room out of shower doors.  They were destined for the trash at our school, but he rescued them and the results were phenomenal.

Simon gives us many pictures of  his hobbit house like the one above, shows us how he  did it and includes the plans for free on his website.

Maybe you could build a hobbit house as a vacation home?

Read more about Simon’s hobbit house 


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