MLS Property Search Debate Continues

 MLS property seach is going through some changes, and it’s about time.


That’s not news.  Real estate consumers and real estate investors are demanding more info that is current and delivered directly.  That puts power into their hands, instead of reserving it only for “professionals”.


In this new and somewhat unstable but exciting real estate cycle, I think we’ll see innovations we only dreamed about a few years ago.


What will these innovations be?


Tech Crunch has an interesting post about the new services  for mls property search springing up such as HomesDatabase.


Consumers and real estate investors are getting more independent and savvy and what they want is more mls access.  I think it’s only a matter of time before that power is exercised online and offline.


However, I agree with the post’s writer that for sale by owner listings (fsbo mls) should also be included to make  real estate information complete.


Go over to Tech Crunch and don’t forget to read the comments, which are riveting.


MLS Debate Continues 

More about MLS Access

Rapattoni launches MLS access security without Tokens! – Wav Group – Rapattoni launches RSA system security – eliminating the tokens.

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