Section 8 Controversy Over Bay Area Tenants Hotting Up

Will this Section 8 Controversy ever clear up? Do the middle class neighbors have a point?


Will this Section 8 Controversy ever clear up?


By now you’ve probably read the news coming out of San Francisco concerning the uproar about the poor being moved into predominately middle class neighborhoods via Section 8.

Influx of black renters raises tension in Bay Area


I’m not going to sugarcoat this.


These people have a big problem on their hands; namely that new crime is up in these "nice neighborhoods".


Everyone has something to say about this. 


I have just returned from Newsvine and they’ve got a red hot discussion going  on.


Just about everybody has been insulted in one way or another.  Blacks, whites, and of course, those of us who are Southern.


 Read Section 8 discussion on Newsvine


However, I agree with the neighborhoods struggling with  new Section 8 neighbors who are not law abiding.  I wouldn’t want to live next door to people not obeying the law either. 


They have a legitimate gripe.


Do you want drug dealing in your properties?  This behavior should never be tolerated.  It’s illegal.


It’s a different matter if the tenants are law abiding and are working hard to keep their units and yards clean and up to local standards.   


We have a Section 8 property and it used to be one of my personal favorites.  That’s because the rent came in, rain or shine.  It is not located in a middle class neighborhood, however.


The last time we rented it over 10 years ago, we were getting 25 calls per day.  There’s demand for subsidized housing.  It can provide  good rent if you can put up with the inspectors.


Is there a solution?


Yes.  Allow landlords to better screen tenants.


Do not allow anyone of any race with a criminal record to receive Section 8 housing.


Make it easier to evict those who will not obey the law or their leases. 


Okay, I’ve had my say. 


What do you think?


Write us and vent if you like. 





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