Should Landlords Allow Smoking?

A rather lively debate about smoking in rental units is causing a lot of landlords like me to really think about this tenant/landlord issue…

Can landlords really decide one way or another- if their tenants can smoke or not?


It really depends on the area where your units are located, but more landlords are banning cigarettes from their units.


There are a lot of reasons for this, of course.



A few years ago, I had to clean up one of my  units where the previous two tenants were heavy smokers, and it was a whale of a job.

There were nicotine stains all over the walls.  I cringed to think what those cigarettes were doing to the inside of those men’s lungs. One of the men has since died, I found out.


Then there’s the smell. 


Personally, I’m not bothered too much by the odor of cigarettes.  I may be in the minority, but I’ve always liked the smell of smoking, although I have never smoked myself. 



But the smoking debate continues. 


Some samples from some of the Fark readers:


"This is bad news for Obama…."


"How can there be a price on ruining your health?


"Good. My social liberalism goes out the window on this.Irrational, I know.

Hypocritical, yes.

But I’m stickin’ with it!"


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2 thoughts on “Should Landlords Allow Smoking?”

  1. You’re right.

    It is very hard to regulate, although many complexes are trying.

    I think that has more to do with the general no smoking movement than with property management.

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