Earthquake Property Damage Debate Hits Nerve

An earthquake and your properties debate is going strong over at Mathew Padilla’s Mortgage Insider column. People are getting hot over earthquake insurance


An earthquake and your properties debate is going strong over at Mathew Padilla’s Mortgage Insider column.


What they’re talking about is if another big earthquake hits California that could make property values and  real estate values go down even more. 



Some people don’t think it’s important enough to debate about.  An earthquake’s an earthquake.

If it does take a house or a property out, there probably won’t be much left to fight over with the insurance company anyway.


I’m concerned about other issues surrounding a quake such as what if the earthquake doesn’t destroy your property but a fire caused by an earthquake does.


Does the insurance company view that as an earthquake damaged property? 


Maybe some of you can write in about that.


Anyway, I’m in agreement with several of the people writing Mathew.


A lot of us have more important things to worry about.  I’ve got to see a construction man who is coming over tomorrow afternoon about a room from one of our rentals that’s currently inching down a hill- and we haven’t had an earthquake.


I dread getting that estimate.


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