Foundation Problem Gets Estimates…

The additional room on one of our rentals(built in 1929) that’s currently sliding down a hill got its first estimates. The news is both good and bad….

My foundation problem has given me quite a tense week.

As many of you already know, we have a rental, built in 1929, with an additional room that is falling away from the house, and slowly inching down a small hill.

The room did not have a concrete foundation.  It has a sand foundation.

We bought this house eight years ago and got such a good deal on it we purposely overlooked this problem.  We figured we could either fix it later or tear off the room.

But it’s a very nice room with lots of windows( new ones I might mention) and has been used as a second bedroom by all of our tenants over the years. It really completes the airy apartment that shows well and has been pretty easy to rent.

So- I called a construction company as well as one of those well known franchises you see on T.V. for estimates on what it would take to simply stop the room from falling down the hill.

I’m not even going to try to attempt to raise the room up several inches to make it "look right" from the street. 

The first estimate was for $12,000 with a ten year warranty.

My sister-in-law, a realtor, told me to call the construction company which does a lot of foundation work for realtors and just about everyone else in town. Checking them out, we found them to have a flawless reputation.

They gave me an estimate of $13,000 and a lifetime guarantee.

I decided to go with that company.  I’ll call them with the news Monday and get on their schedule. 

I was also told there was a 50/50 chance the stone may start falling off the room just as soon as they get underway.   

Translation:  The stone will be coming off.

That presented a new problem.  How much would it cost to replace all that masonry?

A mason was supposed to call me to give an estimate, but he never did.  By the way, the first franchise company didn’t call me back either.

I was sick.  Even if I managed to get the  mason  the construction company recommended, or any mason for that matter, out there to give me an estimate it would probably be over $10,000, possibly as much as $15,000, maybe even $20,000 to do a nice cosmetic stone job.

Now what?

Our maintenance guy, Tim, whom we treat like royalty because we think he’s more important than the President- came up with the solution.

Can anyone guess?

I’m going to leave you in suspense and I’ll reveal the answer tomorrow. 


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