Foundation Problem Gets Estimates, Part 2

I had a serious foundation problem with one of our rentals where an additional  room is gradually inching down a hill.

As we talked about yesterday, I called one construction company and one of those franchise companies that has the large ads in the Yellow Pages for estimates.

I decided to go with the construction company because they gave me a lifetime warranty, whatever that really means, and they had a better reputation that the other company.

Also, the franchise company did not follow up or call me back to see if I happened to still be interested.

So- the newest big problem was the stone on the room, which would probably be falling off as the foundation work gets underway.

Our maintenance man, Tim came up with an answer so I wouldn’t have to worry about the masonry after all.

His answer is to go with siding to replace the stone. 

So if and when the stone falls off, we’ll hire some men to come and take the rest of the stone off the room and then put the siding up. 

I think it will look just fine from the street. 

Here’s another important point.

The neighbors around this property won a major zoning war about a year ago and I will not have to answer to a committee for a historical overlay.

They fought long and hard to win the right to fix up their properties the way they choose and not to have to stick to anyone’s idea of what is or isn’t historical.

Pay a lot of attention to any new zoning going on around your properties because that is so important.

Had the historical overlay past I would have had to replace all the masonry as close to the original as possible.  That would have probably put this rental property out of business because the costs would have been prohibited.


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