Your Tenant’s Bad Dog

Of course your tenants’ dogs never get in trouble like the one in this video. Besides, you didn’t write “no pets” with a Sharpie pen on the lease…

This is your tenant’s very cute little dog.
Of course, tenants will never admit little Sparky can do something like this, but this dog was caught in the act.

This video reminded me of one of those strange tenant calls you get every now and then. I got one last Saturday.
The tenant wanted a dog, even though the lease clearly had “no pets” written on it.
His agrument?
“You have a clause for pets with a pet rent of $10.”
“That’s with permission and without the “no pets” written in, my dear.”
I also had to remind him that he was one of the lucky ones, getting the new carpet at a $1200 install.
How soon they forget…

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