What Sun Tzu Can Teach Us About Real Estate Investing

Sun Tzu can teach us a lot about real estate investing. So why do we need to read the Art of War to be better real estate investors?


Sun Tzu can teach us a lot about real estate investing.

As we remember Sun Tzu was the Chinese general from way back who wrote the textbook on war, called The Art of War

Real Estate Radio has a 3 part series on how we can apply the Art of War to real estate investing, preferably short sales.

There are some interesting points such as “Therefore, when I have won a victory I do not repeat my tactics but respond to circumstances in an infinate variety of ways.

“Hmmmm. Interesting.

Do we always do that in real estate or do we do the same technique or shop worn strategy all the time?

I like the example given of one of my most fav quarterbacks, Peyton Manning and how he applies this to football.

He actually sits through films of the defensive play of every single opponent’s games for that season- before he gets to the field.

As we all know he’s very successful at what he does…

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