Real Estate Investing Info Spells Out Obama’s Plans

What will Obama do about foreclosures? Here’s the latest real estate investing info that can affect you and your money in 2009…


Real estate investing info is getting clearer now that the new administration is in. How will Obama affect you and your properties, as well as your money?

Whether we agree politically or not, is no longer the point.

Questions now are what is about to take place with the real estate investing landscape? Will we able to make money?

Realty Times has a video news series that gives some clear answers.

(Located on the right in video box)

For instance, we now know interest rates are going to stay low for a while in order to stimulate and that Obama will do everything he can to stop cascading foreclosures.

Realty Times goes as far as to predict Obama may freeze foreclosures for three months.

Go to Real Estate News Network on the right and watch their news videos.

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