The Real Subprime Mess Blame

The government to the bailout rescue,right? Could the government have caused it?

Your real estate investments

The real subprime mess blame goes to the government, according Peter Schift of Money Morning.

Yes, I agree with him.

“Were it not for the excessively low interest rates provided by the U.S. Federal Reserve, the lax lending standards and moral hazards supplied by Congress courtesy of Freedie Mac, Fannie Mae and the Federal Housing Administration, built into the tax code, none of these predatory loans would have been possible.”

That sums it up- except for the low interest rates.

I still don’t see why low interest rates could be such a bad thing for responsible real estate investors.

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Real Estate Speculators Getting an Ear Full with the Deal

Real estate speculators are getting criticised by President Obama and some of them are downright mad about it. Frankly, I don’t blame them.

Real Esate Speculators

Real estate speculators are getting criticised by President Obama and some of them are downright mad about it.

There’s a wild discussion going on over at Boston Real Estate Now and we are able to see it as it glows hotter.

The issue is Fannie Mae, of course. 


She’s that wayward lender who is now allowing those of us who actually may be interested  to invest in 10 single family homes or condos rather than four.


So, let me get this straight. 

Honest hard-working real estate investors are not actually speculators after all, when it comes to helping get rid of properties that are  boarded up and wasting away? 

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Bernanke Childhood Home Sold in Foreclosure

Bernanke house sold in foreclosureBen Benanke’s childhood home has been sold in foreclosure because the current owners couldn’t make the payments of $1,088 per month.

The Fed Chairman grew up in Dillon, S.C. and lived in the four bedroom,  three bath, 2383 square-foot house with red-oak floors.

The last owners bought the house in 2006 with a 10.1%,  30year fixed rate mortgage but job loss and a divorce  handicapped them from keeping  up with the payments.

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Emotional Support Animals and Landlords

If I encountered an emotional support reptile in a grocery store, I’d be screaming my head off…

the new emotional support animal

Emotional support animals are being allowed almost anywhere and everywhere  in Orem, Utah.

This is just one example of how far toward the ridiculous some local laws can go.

So what exactly does this story have to do with those of us who are landlords?

A lot, unfortunately.

It’s stupid law.

But it’s also more. 

Are we at the place where we have to take in pets? All pets? 

Will pets become a protected class?

Who would have ever thought lizards would be allowed in grocery stores?

According to the story link below that is happening…

I’m going to go out on a limb here and just come out and say it. 

If I were shopping in any grocery store and suddenly encountered a lizard, support animal or support reptile, I’d be screaming my head off.

And did I read this part right- “Tuesday’s committee hearing was the criminal penalties for denying entry to a support animal”?

As we know tenants can have exotic pets.

I’ll tell the story about the little fawn in a duplex if you all write in and tell us some of your best tenant pet stories…

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Why Are the Chinese Buying U.S. Real Estate Now?

Chinese millionaires are coming to the U.S. to buy properties.

So who says cash is totally frozen?

Chinese fortunes in real estateChinese millionaires are coming to the U.S. to buy properties.

So who says cash is totally frozen?

Not only do these Chinese business people have the money to spend, but they are buying something besides Treasury Bills.

Is this a clear buy signal for us?

Exactly why are they buying?

Clearly they see good quality properties at low prices now and that those prices will be rising in the near future.

In other words, the Chinese real estate investors are probably agreeing with what we have been saying about the return of inflation.

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