Wild Tenant Parties 101

What if your tenants have a wild party and someone gets hurt? Could you be held liable? That could have happened to some of my neighbors who were out of town …


Neighbor spats can be a big problem for property management.

I was reminded of that Friday night when a wild party erupted across my street.

My neighbor had been out of town for a few days and had left the house with a young college girl who was supposedly in charge.  All she had to do was pick up the newspapers and feed the poor dogs.

By 10:30PM carloads of kids started arriving and the festivities had begun.

For the next hour and a half large numbers of teens came and went.

 There was a lot of dancing going on in the house- visible through the open windows ( they don’t have curtain for whatever reason).

 I got the impression a lot of the kids didn’t even know each other. 

They were drinking because kids were coming out less than bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I’m not sure if they would have passed a breathalyzer test of not.  But some kids were rowdy and louder than usual.  I was kind of scared.

The next morning I found liquor bottles littered outside my hedge where one little group  had been parked. They  been trying to decide which one of them would be the designated driver- just before they were about to leave. (Older wiser heads would make those types of decisions- before the party)

You have to ask what the legal ramifications of all of this really are.

Was there under age drinking?  Some of those kids didn’t look 21 to me, but of course, it was dark.

What if one of the kids taking off in their fancy little  sports cars down the street like a 747 went out and killed someone?  Would my neighbor be held liable even if she were out of town and didn’t seem to have a clue what was going on?

But maybe she could fill us in on that since she’s a lawyer.

Everything came to an abrupt ending right at the stroke of midnight.

Maybe it had something to do with that carriage turning back into a pumpkin- or someone may have threatened to call the police.  It wasn’t I, although I certainly wanted to.

The little mousy college girl had her own bouncer at the door (shows some ingenuity, I guess) and he was throwing kids out.

To say that some of them didn’t want to go would be an understatement.

How did I deal with it?

I let my other neighbors complain.

I saw one over there yesterday after the lawyer and her financial advisor husband arrived back in town.  I could give them some advice too, but it wouldn’t have anything to do with finances. 

However- it made me really think- and pardon me if this post is a little long today, but I feel this is important for us.

We can’t afford to let stuff like that happen in our properties.

Why? Because it’s dangerous.  Those kids can do a lot of damage.  I’m not saying there were drugs going on, but I’m not naive.  There was alcohol and lots of it.

Could we asking for a lawsuit if something went terribly wrong in our properties?


So I’m going to carefully manage these things more than I have in the past.  I going to put a stricter no partying clause in my lease.  I am not going to tolerate the first inkling of wildness.  Those young wild things will have to party somewhere else.

How do I know that works?

Well, I know of one homeowners’ association that is so strict  we’ve nicknamed them the Communist Central Committee.

 They make landlords throw tenants like that out- practically after the first offense.  They don’t take prisoners.   a few years ago, we were asked to get rid of one of our tenants- which we did.

Maybe that’s the only way to combat this type of stupidity.

And here’s another take-away.

We want good relationships with our neighbors, especially our rental property neighbors. 

My neighbors across the street have lost a lot of their social credit with the neighborhood.  I need to reveal this is not the first time this has happened.  That  little girl has house sat for them for at least three or four occasions  and has had wild parties before. 

My neighbors will have to work pretty hard to gain that lost social credit ground now.  The neighbors on the corner don’t seem to be speaking to them.   

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