Real Estate Speculators Getting an Ear Full with the Deal

Real estate speculators are getting criticised by President Obama and some of them are downright mad about it. Frankly, I don’t blame them.

Real Esate Speculators

Real estate speculators are getting criticised by President Obama and some of them are downright mad about it.

There’s a wild discussion going on over at Boston Real Estate Now and we are able to see it as it glows hotter.

The issue is Fannie Mae, of course. 


She’s that wayward lender who is now allowing those of us who actually may be interested  to invest in 10 single family homes or condos rather than four.


So, let me get this straight. 

Honest hard-working real estate investors are not actually speculators after all, when it comes to helping get rid of properties that are  boarded up and wasting away? 


And just maybe we may be doing some sort of public service for America?

So why don’t they just give us the tax breaks and let us get to work taking care of  tenants, tenant complaints, tenant calls, tenants not paying the rents, Section 8 tenants who won’t move their clunkers, etc… 

And did I mention tenant mouse calls?

As always, I love the reader comments and this blog has some real doosies.bandaid for American real estate

Real Estate Speculators to the Rescue


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