Condo Buyers Beware

Condo buyers beware. If you try to back out of your contract, you might be taken to court. It’s happening in Nashville

real estate market winnersCondo buyers beware is the new battle slogan in my hometown of Nashville.

As you know, Nashville has discovered downtown living and condo complexes have been going up fast.  Until now.

Something called a recession happened.

Now if you can’t get financing or you’re trying to back out of your buy contract, you may be in for a fight.

Funny, the same newspaper reporting all this buyer remorse had a totally different story only a few months ago.

Then it was all about lucky young people buying in at pre-construction prices.  Some of those kids were getting rich. 

What a difference a year makes

It proves my point.  I’ve been shouting this ever since starting this website.

We need to know our markets.  We need to study our markets.  Nothing beats online investigation and getting out and driving around the neighborhoods.  

We need to network.  Get into real estate clubs.  Meet and know other investors.

Then we’ll be ready.

I have a feeling some more Nashvillians will be coming along in the next year or two and will be getting some terrific deals.  It’s all about timing.

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