Home Insulation and Paint Growing Green

What is the new American Green House? You’d better hope your tenants are asking. Green means it will be expensive and we cost you big bucks…

Paint Your House Green

Home insulation for your real estate properties is getting greener, according to the Wall Street Journal.

They just got back from the International Builders Show in Vegas and seems they’re pretty excited about the “New American Home”.

Exactly what is it?

It’s green, mainly.   In rehabber and landlord language it means it will be very expensive.  To get it  well insulated- in  new green ways, of course. 

What that means to us is greening house insulation will be expensive.

Let’s just hope our tenants don’t start demanding we take out the kitchen cabinets which may or may not have urea formaldehyde.  That is used as an adhesive.

And we thought all we had to worry about was lead paint issues and the exterminator.

While we’re on the subject, even WSJ seems to be fascinated with VOC, volatile organic compounds.

Yep, they want to take that out of paint too.   It’s the stuff that makes paint go on smoothly. 

(Don’t get me on the subject of paint.  The new paints are not  nearly as good as the old ones.  We’ve got a condo with splotchy walls to prove it.)

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