How Can You Protect Your Credit Rating?

You’d better protect your credit rating. You can do it quarterly for free. Here’s how…

credit checkHow is your credit determined?

How can you make sure your credit information is correct?

Your credit is figured by a lot of things including your payment patterns, how long you’ve had credit cards, whether you’re a home owner, etc.

In order to keep up with your credit score you need to check it often.

One tip is to go to the “Big Three Credit Bureaus.”

They are Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

Since each gives a free credit check once a year, rotate them.  Get a check every four months for free starting with Equifax.  That way you can get your credit checked quarterly and if there is a mistake, you can correct it before it effects your overall score.

Here is a very good article going into more information about how your score is determined.

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