How To Buy Foreclosures

Buying foreclosures is getting easier than ever. You can check out the deals on the Internet and you can go to the auctions plus bankers want to talk…

foreclosures  How to buy foreclosures?  It’s getting easier than ever.

Not only can you now check out foreclosed properties on Internet sites, but as always, you can go to the bank and talk deals.

Bankers don’t want to be landlords as we’ve already talked about. 

They also don’t want to be rehabbers.

So what happens when a bank doesn’t want to spend a measly $15,000 to fix up a repo house?

That’s where you and I come in.

Think getting really good deals is impossible?

They’re doing it in Phoenix, which has been considered one of the worst markets during the last few months.

Here’s an example: A Phoenix home that sold for $190,000, recently sold for $45,900.

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