Is Trump University Right About Residential Real Estate Investing the Smart Way?

The Trump Blog has a three part series called Smart Residential Real Estate Investing. We think it’s helpful…

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The Trump Blog has a three part series called Smart Residential Real Estate Investing.

Part 1 and Part 2 are already up and I’m impressed with this simple checklist for today’s tougher residential real estate market. Continue reading “Is Trump University Right About Residential Real Estate Investing the Smart Way?”

How to Bid on Tax Lien Certificates Step By Step

Attorney J.W. Dicks takes us through a real tax lien auction live- showing us how it’s done step by step in this excellent free video…

James Paris and attorney J.W. Dicks takes us through a live tax lien certificate auction.  We can see step by step how to buy tax lien certificates and how these auctions actually work.

This vid was made in 2006, but it is evergreen in that these auctions continue as more and more houses are lost because of non-payment of property taxes.

We can see from the first steps of receiving your auction number and property list that some auctions do yield 18%.  However, that is not the norm and many are for less.  But until the properties are redeemed, these interest rates often pay much better than banks.

Should you invest in tax lien certificates?  It’s a way to invest in real estate without  the hassle of tenants and property management ,so for some of us it’s something to definitely consider.

Real Estate Investing Checklist

Here’s a good real estate investing checklist. It covers the most important things you need to do, except for #4, putting up 50 bandit signs which I disagree with…

Bigger Pockets has a real estate investing success checklist.

I think  it’s pretty good amoneyhouse1lthough  I tend to disagree with  question #3: Do you put up 50 bandit signs every other weekend?

I’m not sure that really applies to successful residential property  investing, or to realestate investment in general but, don’t get me wrong,  it can certainly help.

But I also think Question #4 is thought -worthy.

“Do you have a mentor?”

Not only is that the fastest way to learn real estate investing from the inside out, but it’s one of the most efficient.

Investing in a rental property for example, takes know how.  Learn all you can either from mentors offline at your local real estate investing clubs, or from online investors who are already doing it. 

Go to Bigger Pockets and Check Out the Real Estate Investing Checklist.

World’s Best Real Estate Job

Larry Silverstein is doing a better management job than I am. And he’s getting paid a whole lot more. $21.5 million. What’s his secret?

Best property management jobLarry Silverstein is doing it again.

He’s proving the rich get richer, especially if they’re real estate tycoons.

He’s being paid $21.5 million by the Port Authority to develop the Freedom Tower.

I’m not sure exactly what his job description is but I think he’s supposed to be in charge of the development, which some experts are claiming may now take decades to complete.


What do you think?

Do you think he’s being paid too much?

 World’s Best Real Estate Job

More Problems with Chinese-Made Drywall

We can’t trace a lot of the manufacturers of this drywall. Electrical wiring is turning black-there are respiratory problems… How bad will it get?

Chinese-made drywall problemHere are more warnings about the Chinese-made drywall.

We posted about this growing problem a few weeks ago, but I felt like we need more info because it is becoming a major concern for a lot of real estate investors and homeowners who bought in the last five years.

We imported 309 million square feet of the drywall from China in 2004-2007.

It’s not easy to trace back the manufacturers when there is a problem.

Now homeowners are claiming their jewelry, copper pennies, and electrical wiring are turning black because of the drywall.

This is just a heads up because I think this will be an even bigger issue in the months to come.

Read WSJ’s aricle  Homeowners Problems with Chinese-Made Drywall Spread