Bernie Madoff Manse Loses Value-$2 Million

The government is quite concerned after seizing the Bernie Madoff Manse- that it is losing value. Hmmm. And you thought you had problems

Bernie Madoff's Boat

The Bernie Madoff Palm Beach manse has lost almost 2million of its value since last year.

And you thought you had problems, right?

The government has taken the property, of course, but now officials are fearing the Madoff mansion  will keep losing even more of its value.

And there’s more.

Now the government is worried about its upkeep.

Hmmm.  Like  we don’t know what that’s all about, right fellow landlords?

But then there’s the yacht that came with it, called “The Bull.”

Maybe they should change the name of that thingy to “The Bear.”

Anyway, just in case you’re interested you can read more about it- U.S. Gets Madoff’s Florida Real Estate Headache

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