April 15th Tax Protest Day

I wouldn’t be quick to make fun of the new Tea Party Protest. As a real estate investor, I think this trend is here to stay…

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Today is the cruelest day of the “cruelest” month, April 15th; better known as Tax Day, or now Tax Protest Day.

Tax Day Tea Party Protests

Hmmm.  This is an interesting movement. 

Funny how many of the talking heads think it just kind of happened and it will just kind of go away… but I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this trend.

Here’s something else interesting from the Wall Street Journal.  One of their top tax writers, Tom Herman, is retiring today and he is telling it like it is as he leaves. 

What I Learned In My 16 Years on the Tax Beat

Seems he didn’t know how to fill out his income tax returns way back in 1968, but several pros couldn’t get it right either. CPA, accountant

Now as we all know, it’s even more chaotic.

(It makes me mad to have to basically do all the work for my accountant and then like a school child, I have to send it all to him just to check.

 And then I get the big bill for the work I’ve basically done already.)

Does that make sense?

What does all this have to do with our real estate?

Plenty, I’m afraid.


Many of us are paying astronomical property taxes, among a garden variety of other taxes.  That takes a lot of money out of our “pay checks”.  Are we ready for a property tax protest?

I don’t know about you, but people like us who are willing to put up with the Sewer Malfunctioning Call like the one we got over the weekend, deserve some compensation. 

 That was just one of the calls we got, I might add, now that our tenants are coming out of hibernation and complaining more.  Spring affects them like that.

 Are you hearing me, elected officials?

We own the businesses, but you’re telling us how to run them.

But in order to truly know the nuts and bolts of our businesses you need to  get your hands dirty.   Landlords know your hands may get really dirty.  Can you handle it?

tea party tax protest

Where were you on Easter Sunday afternoon when another one of our tenants left something on the stove and almost burned that over taxed property down?

I guess you’ve noticed I’m riled up here…

What do you think?

Write in and let us know.

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