More Problems with Chinese-Made Drywall

We can’t trace a lot of the manufacturers of this drywall. Electrical wiring is turning black-there are respiratory problems… How bad will it get?

Chinese-made drywall problemHere are more warnings about the Chinese-made drywall.

We posted about this growing problem a few weeks ago, but I felt like we need more info because it is becoming a major concern for a lot of real estate investors and homeowners who bought in the last five years.

We imported 309 million square feet of the drywall from China in 2004-2007.

It’s not easy to trace back the manufacturers when there is a problem.

Now homeowners are claiming their jewelry, copper pennies, and electrical wiring are turning black because of the drywall.

This is just a heads up because I think this will be an even bigger issue in the months to come.

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