Real Estate Investing Checklist

Here’s a good real estate investing checklist. It covers the most important things you need to do, except for #4, putting up 50 bandit signs which I disagree with…

Bigger Pockets has a real estate investing success checklist.

I think  it’s pretty good amoneyhouse1lthough  I tend to disagree with  question #3: Do you put up 50 bandit signs every other weekend?

I’m not sure that really applies to successful residential property  investing, or to realestate investment in general but, don’t get me wrong,  it can certainly help.

But I also think Question #4 is thought -worthy.

“Do you have a mentor?”

Not only is that the fastest way to learn real estate investing from the inside out, but it’s one of the most efficient.

Investing in a rental property for example, takes know how.  Learn all you can either from mentors offline at your local real estate investing clubs, or from online investors who are already doing it. 

Go to Bigger Pockets and Check Out the Real Estate Investing Checklist.

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