How to Bid on Tax Lien Certificates Step By Step

Attorney J.W. Dicks takes us through a real tax lien auction live- showing us how it’s done step by step in this excellent free video…

James Paris and attorney J.W. Dicks takes us through a live tax lien certificate auction.  We can see step by step how to buy tax lien certificates and how these auctions actually work.

This vid was made in 2006, but it is evergreen in that these auctions continue as more and more houses are lost because of non-payment of property taxes.

We can see from the first steps of receiving your auction number and property list that some auctions do yield 18%.  However, that is not the norm and many are for less.  But until the properties are redeemed, these interest rates often pay much better than banks.

Should you invest in tax lien certificates?  It’s a way to invest in real estate without  the hassle of tenants and property management ,so for some of us it’s something to definitely consider.

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