Lots of Renting Tips and Landlord Info from Boise Real Estate Soup

Boise Real Estate Soup has a lot of good landlord tips and landlord info in a long article about how to rent an apartment

landlord info, being a landlord, landlord tipsBoise Real Estate Soup has a very good post  with lots of  renting tips called 12 Things That You Aren’t doing For Your Rental But Should Be.

I think most of Real Estate Soup’s tips are good basic landlord tenant tips such as you need to run credit reports and you need a reliable organized book keeping system. 

But I don’t exactly agree with Tip #6 Verify Applicant Income.

Real Estate Soup says “Before we even show a property to a prospective renter, we verify income…”

That’s a little extreme.  In fact, it’s a whole lot extreme. Continue reading “Lots of Renting Tips and Landlord Info from Boise Real Estate Soup”

How To Find the Top 5 Best Motivated Buyers and Sellers In Your Area

Houston Real estate investor Terry Wygal gives some of his top quick tips on how to find the best pre foreclosures

Terry Wygal of www.totalfinancialliberty.com has a very good vid on how to find the top five best most motivated sellers in your area.

He also covers in some good degree of detail how to find the five top buyers in your area.

What all this boils down to is he shows you how to laser in on short sales, pre-foreclosures and wholesalers and how to find the hot areas in your town or county where most of the action is.

One of his biggest tips is how to do a very fast sort where you get a list of all the homes that are are 20 years old or older with mortgages that have at least 10 years of equity in them.


 I was impressed with Terry’s site because he gives you a lot of free stuff with vids and articles.  I like watching real estate vids from different investors like Terry because you can always pick up new tips and vids are the easiest way to do that

Warning: If You Keep Your Real Estate Records on Your Computer

Here’s a big warning if you are keeping your real estate records on your computer. You could lose everything if you don’t back-up…

real estate record warningI had a computer crash a week ago Tuesday and I want to warn everyone to back up all your files and everything that is near and dear to you.

It has been devastating. 

It was not my main computer.  It was my laptop but I lost five years worth of precious stuff which I will equate to having some sort of fire.

I knew I was in trouble when I took it to an IT man and  he took one look at it and said, “This is bad.”

The car wash owner next door, whom I suspect is also the IT’s landlord, even felt sorry for me and gave me a coupon for his super deluxe car wash that normally cost $12.

(I would never spend $12 on a car wash for my landlording vehicle)

Anyway, the hard drive was fried, along with most of  my vacation pictures from a month’s trip to England that I took a few years ago.  Those included my treasured views from the roof of a cathedral in Ely, where we were allowed to walk around on the 500- year old leaded roof.

 What a view!

At least I still have my memories.

But please heed my warnings, especially if you are doing your real estate records on your computers. With all the excellent real estate record keeping software out there, you can save a lot of time and effort.  But there is also a downside.

 You could lose it all in only a few minutes. 

That’s my very important take-away sermon for today.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. 

Back everything up.

How To Avoid An Eviction From Bigger Pockets

Is there an easy quick and quiet way to get tenants out without having to evict them?

how to avoid evictionsBigger Pockets has an excellent discourse on how to avoid an eviction.

There are some really good gems here, especially author Jason Hanson’s words of wisdom on how to deal with former good  tenants gone bad who can no longer pay rent.

This post is particularly pertinent now because so many people are hitting on hard times, but that doesn’t mean their landlords should have to experience bad economics with them.

Jason gives the advice to try the niceness approach.

Yeah, I know.  Our human nature wants to throw the book at them.

But it’s just easier to reason with good tenants gone bad. 

Often, you can get them out quickly and quietly  if you really heed Jason’s advice.

What is his secret?

Read How to Avoid an Eviction

Mushroom House Really Shaped Like a Nautilis Shell

Here’s the Magic Mushroom house featured in The New York Times, and I thought it would be fun to look at. It’s awesome…


Here’s the Magic Mushroom house featured in The New York Times, and I thought it would be fun to look at.

It’s 6,000 sq ft, took several years to build and is located in Colorado, of course.

Maybe they should have called it  the Nautilus Shell House because it’s really more like the shell than a mushroom. 

My favorite room is the circular den with the fabulous stone fireplace.

As one reader said, ” the photos are just awesome.”  

Go to Mushroom House