How to Buy Appliances

How to buy appliances when you really don’t want to spend the money can be tough. What’s the best way to keep from getting ripped off?

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How to buy appliances when you really don’t want to spend the money can be tough.

We’re ordering two sets of refrigerators and stoves for a couple of our condos this week.

So how will we know we’re going to get the best deal?

In other words, how can we keep from getting ripped off?

Here are 3 tips for finding the best, most cost efficient appliances.

1. Do your research

Go to reliable sources as Consumer Reports and online forums where you can read comments by people who have actually bought what you’re thinking about buying.

Find out what the owners are saying.  Are they pleased with their purchase?  Or do they wish they could get rid of a certain appliance?

2. Check for the Best Deals

One of our favorite places to shop is Sears.  We especially like the local Sears Outlet where we can find some good deals on their chip and dent sale. 

One small dent that your tenants will never notice can add up to big savings if Sears happens to have what you want when you need it.

3. Don’t believe all the hype

Okay, most products are written up in some flowery prose.  That’s to be expected.  But when is too much too much?

When it all sounds too good to be true.

Listen to your inner voice of common sense.  If the sales pitch is too exciting, slow down and keep your credit card in your wallet for the time being.

Do your due diligence and don’t buy big ticket items like appliances on emotion.

Get the facts now before it’s too late for a refund.

This should help insure you and your tenants will have many years of working appliances that do what they’re supposed to do.

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