Home-Desiging.com Gives Good Ideas for Rental Properties

How can we get the rich look without spending big bucks in our rentals?

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I found a new site you might be interested in called home-designing.com

The reason I think it’s good to go there and look around is because it gives you lots of ideas for what  you can do with your own properties- on a much smaller and cheaper scale , of course.

I know we’re not going to put this expensive stuff in our rentals, but it helps us see how we can get the “look” and that’s what is important here.

One thing I might mention that got my attention- you might notice the bathroom floors and the innovative creative ways they treat a small space to make it look bigger.

We  want that rich, luxurious look without spending the big bucks, right?

Here’s the link.  Enjoy-  Home-designing.com

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