How To Avoid An Eviction From Bigger Pockets

Is there an easy quick and quiet way to get tenants out without having to evict them?

how to avoid evictionsBigger Pockets has an excellent discourse on how to avoid an eviction.

There are some really good gems here, especially author Jason Hanson’s words of wisdom on how to deal with former good  tenants gone bad who can no longer pay rent.

This post is particularly pertinent now because so many people are hitting on hard times, but that doesn’t mean their landlords should have to experience bad economics with them.

Jason gives the advice to try the niceness approach.

Yeah, I know.  Our human nature wants to throw the book at them.

But it’s just easier to reason with good tenants gone bad. 

Often, you can get them out quickly and quietly  if you really heed Jason’s advice.

What is his secret?

Read How to Avoid an Eviction

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