How To Find the Top 5 Best Motivated Buyers and Sellers In Your Area

Houston Real estate investor Terry Wygal gives some of his top quick tips on how to find the best pre foreclosures

Terry Wygal of has a very good vid on how to find the top five best most motivated sellers in your area.

He also covers in some good degree of detail how to find the five top buyers in your area.

What all this boils down to is he shows you how to laser in on short sales, pre-foreclosures and wholesalers and how to find the hot areas in your town or county where most of the action is.

One of his biggest tips is how to do a very fast sort where you get a list of all the homes that are are 20 years old or older with mortgages that have at least 10 years of equity in them.


 I was impressed with Terry’s site because he gives you a lot of free stuff with vids and articles.  I like watching real estate vids from different investors like Terry because you can always pick up new tips and vids are the easiest way to do that

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