Lots of Renting Tips and Landlord Info from Boise Real Estate Soup

Boise Real Estate Soup has a lot of good landlord tips and landlord info in a long article about how to rent an apartment

landlord info, being a landlord, landlord tipsBoise Real Estate Soup has a very good post  with lots of  renting tips called 12 Things That You Aren’t doing For Your Rental But Should Be.

I think most of Real Estate Soup’s tips are good basic landlord tenant tips such as you need to run credit reports and you need a reliable organized book keeping system. 

But I don’t exactly agree with Tip #6 Verify Applicant Income.

Real Estate Soup says “Before we even show a property to a prospective renter, we verify income…”

That’s a little extreme.  In fact, it’s a whole lot extreme.

You don’t want to chase good tenants off, especially in this market.

 Of course you will need to verify income but there are more tactful ways of doing it. 

We go ahead and show our units while we are evaluating prospective tenants.  That’s what the process is all about. 

To be honest, your prospective tenant is certainly evaluating you and the  rental property at the same time.

You can get a tremendous amount of info from them within 5 to 7 minutes….landlord how to

That’s from asking them simple questions while you’re showing the unit, such as ” Where do you work?”

Experience helps us learn how to show a unit with confidence and finesse… 

We’ll get into more of that  in future posts because I think new landlords especially are interested in the quick killer secrets,  which actually aren’t secrets but good common sense. 

Anyway, go on over to Real Estate Soup and  read the 12 Things That You Aren’t Doing for Your  Rental But Should Be

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