Homeless Move Into Luxury New York Housing

This story about New York homeless moving into empty luxurious condos really got to me.
I can’t believe the taxpayers are paying for this…

NYC homeless, NYC homeless and luxury condos

This story about New York homeless moving into empty luxurious condos really got to me.

Just when I thought I had heard it all about government beaucrats taking over businesses (GM) I should not have been shocked that they’re getting into the juicy fields of real estate investing and property management.

So what’s going on?

New  York city officials have an empty luxury condo building on their hands that’s brand new, and they’ve decided the only thing left to do with it is to move in the homeless.

After all, the homeless need a place to live, right?

Other creative solutions that have worked well in the past such as reduce the price (maybe really slash the price) or put the building on auction apparently don’t apply in this situation.

So homeless folks are moving into units with hardwood floor, granite counter-tops and etc.

Watch video about homeless moving into luxury NYC condos

Seems the only requirement is that they have to have children, or maybe I’m just reading that into it, or over reacting, but that’s kind of the message I got out of it.

Folks, I really feel the same as  the neighbor from across the street who stated,”They live better than we do, and we’re paying for them to live there.”

Yep, I agree with her.  Something’s just not right in Gotham.

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