Mr. Landlord’s Practical Property Inspection Guide:10 Things You’ll Need To Take With You While Inspecting a Property

A quick start property inspection guide from Mr. Landlord of what you’ll need to take with you when you look over that house…

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Jeffrey Taylor, “Mr. Landlord”, has a very good practical list of the 10 things you’ll need to take with you when you are inspecting a property for investing.

Doing your own property inspection is vital so that you won’t get stuck with a bad dog house, or should I say, “Kitty House”, as those rundown hopeless bad properties are sometimes called.

Yes, you’ll need to look inside, underneath, up and down as you examine what could possibly have the potential to be a winning property for your real estate investing portfoilo.

Mr. Landlord’s list includes such mundane  but very important items as a mace  and mothballs. 

So what would you need with mothballs?  Or Mace?  You may be surprised…

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