Do You Have a Good Real Estate Investing Marketing Plan?

To be a successful real estate investor you need a good marketing plan. Here’s a free quickstart guide…

a good real estate marketing plan

Do you have a good workable real estate investing marketing plan?

Do you know exactly what you must do to get the deals?

In these foreclosure times, deals are out there just waiting for real estate investors to grab.

Are you grabbing your share? 

Or are you waiting beside the road while some other investor gets all the good stuff while you’re being forced to “eat his or her dust”, so to speak?

REI.Club has a good quick start guide marketing plan by Ben Innes-Ker which shows you how to set your goals for you total net income, getting deals from qualified leads, the numbers of prospects you have to reach your goals, etc.

It’s an article that goes into a lot of detail without burdening you with unnecessary fluff and stuff you don’t have time for..

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