Jon & Kate Goslin’s Old House Not Selling

Jon and Kate Goslin are having trouble selling their old house. So why hasn’t it sold?

Jon and Kate Goslin, Jon and Kate's house for sale

Jon & Kate Goslin of that infamous reality show, “Jon  & Kate Plus 8″, are having trouble selling their old house.

It’s been on the market for three months already.  So what’s the problem?

A good clue is in the readers’ comments.

A realtor writes,” There are only three reasons why a house doesn’t sell…”

1. Location

2. Price

3. Condition

That’s an easy formula and it’s not rocket science. 

I can’t understand why people try to make real estate investing so complicated. 

As for the Goslins…  Perhaps fame came a little fast, who knows?

But one thing we can go to the bank on is that most of today’s savvy buyers are not going to be wooed into buying a house that may be too expensive just because the owners got briefly famous.

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