Google Improves Real Estate Listings On Google Map

Google maps just made your real estate investing easier…Now you can find listings faster

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Google has finally done something about making real estate listings more user friendly on Google Maps.

Google wants more of your online real estate listing action so it can beat out rivals Trulia, Zillow and Yahoo Real Estate.

The jury is still out on who provides the best real estate map services, but a little competition will certainly improve research results.

Google claims the new and improved service is easier and of course, it’s still free, which is good.

All you have to do is go to and type in “google housing search”.  That should give you the latest listings. 

Then you can refine your search according to criteria such as how many bedrooms, square feet, etc.

The Internet is certainly helping real estate investors get the info they need faster and more efficiently, without wasting a lot of your priceless time.

Michael Jackson’s Doctor in Pre-Foreclosure

Reportedly Michael Jackson’s doctor may also lose his house. He’s in preforeclosure and is $100,000 behind on his payments

pre foreclosure, Michael Jackson doctor in preforeclosure, preforeclosureMichael Jackson’s, personal doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, is in pre foreclosure.

That Las Vegas country club house we have seen so much of on T.V. recently, is over $100,000 behind in mortgage payments.

The house is 5268 square feet near the 18th hole of the golf course.

Reports are Dr. Murray stopped paying his $15,000 per month mortgage payments in January.

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Also, while we’re on the subject, how’s billionaire R. Allen Stanford doing these days?

He’s on trial for swindling $5 billion from investors…

He’s not out on bond, but he’s spending his time residing in the Joe Corley Detention Facility in Houston.

And it’s a little rough for the former billionaire.

He’s complaining about the electricity going out, taking the air conditioning with it, and having to share accommodations with at least eight, possibly ten other inmates.

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IRS May Give Tax Break for Chinese Drywall

Are you a victim of defective Chinese drywall? You may be able to get a tax break from IRS…

It is being reported by Kiplinger and other reliable sources that the IRS may be giving a tax break for anyone dealing with defective Chinese drywall.

As we’ve been reporting over the last few months, the Chinese drywall problem is getting bigger and involves a lot of homeowners and real estate investors who bought or built since 2005.

The defective drywall is reported to be corroding appliances and wiring while also polluting the homes.

Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida has been at the forefront of this problem and has fought for the casualty loss deduction for defective drywall.

This means that the IRS will most likely give the deduction, although there is still a lot of paperwork involved if you qualify.

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Is Hassle-Free Landlording Possible?

Is it possible to be a hassle free landlord, or will you always be enslaved by your properties?

landlording, bad tenants, landlord hasslesCan you become a hassle-free landlord?

There is an article on Lifestyles Unlimited about how to get rid of a lot of property management headaches due to bad tenants.

It’s hard hitting and I even learned a thing or two. It made me think.

That’s because the article deals with what I believe is the single biggest reason why a lot of prosperous real estate investing careers end. Bad tenants and tenant headaches.

But even if you’re good with tenants, you may still be micro- managing everything too much.

The article talks about that too and uses the example of a restaurant owner trying to do it all. Maybe being a landlord who tries to take care of everything himself can be also as dumb.

So we all need to learn how to delegate more and that will free up our time and our brains for the really important and fun tasks of doing more real estate investing.

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How You Can Avoid This Property Management Crime

How can you avoid bad tenants trashing your rental properties? Here are 3 tips that work for us

How could this landlord have avoided this property management crime?

Obviously, some things went wrong here.


Here are 3 tips for avoiding tenant trashing

1. Screen your tenants thoroughly

We can’t stress this enough.  If fact, we preach it all the time.  Maybe you’re a little tired of hearing it.

It’s so basic, why is it many landlords still miss this?

I can’t answer that.

But I can say to check out your tenants’ credit. 

People who pay their bills are responsible for the most part.   They will not leave a unit in this kind of shape. 

2. Work with your tenants

Okay, you may have some problem people.   So get them out.  Don’t allow them to ruin your life and your property.

How do you do that?

We call it the $300 Move Out Special.

You pay them to move.

You can bet the landlord in the vid will be paying out a lot more than $300 to clean up the mess he has on his hands.  

3. Inspect your properties regularly

We call it maintenance.  Some people may call it something else, but they do need the air filters changed every three months, right?

Not only will you have cleaner air ducts, but you’ll be able to spot trouble before it reaches critical mass.  Most likely, you can stop them from making your rental unit a trash tragedy a long time before it’s too late.