The Latest On the Madoffs: Ruth Forced Out of Home 1 PM Thursday

Madoff newsHere’s the latest about the Madoffs.

Federal marshals are showing no mercy to Mrs. Madoff.

They forced her to leave her home in Manhattan, that beautiful $7 million penthouse, on Thursday at 1 PM.

She allegedly argued with the marshals and asked to be able to take a fur coat and they said ‘no’.

There’s still $2.5 mil left that the government is allowing her to live on.  This money is not connected with the scandal.  

But, of course, as always, we need to keep in mind money like that is still vulnerable to civil courts.

The lesson for all of us here is to avoid situations like this and obey the law.  You don’t want to get thrown out of your home  when you’re 67.

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