Property Grunt Hits Hard On New York City Loop Hole

Is Property Grunt right about certain governments not paying their fair share of New York City’s property taxes?

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Property Grunt has a very good, hard hitting post about certain people and groups who are legally getting away without paying property taxes in New York City.

We’re talking about foreign governments and diplomats who don’t think they should have to pay the same property taxes as New Yorkers and American businesses.

Sure, those taxes are high, just as they are here in Davidson County/Nashville, but that’s not our point  for today.

(We’ve covered the dangers of high property taxes before and it continues to be a hot topic for us.)

Property Grunt’s point is this situation could become a huge loop hole for those folks who are can take advantage of it.  That will come at the expense of law abiding New Yorkers who will have to make up the difference in revenue for the city.

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