Free Real Estate Marketing Research Tool At Altos Blog

We recently reviewed the free Altos real estate market reserach tool and we’re in awe of how well it works

real estate research, due diligence, real estate marketsAltos is one of the best real estate bloggers for market research.

We recently reviewed his  remarkably detailed  tool, which now includes 117 local real estate markets across the county.

Needless to say we were more than slightly in awe of his due diligence.

This is an excellent way to get a fast, concise and up-to-date view of what’s happening in  the major cities without having to wade through a lot of junk.

(You know how I feel about the stupidity of the boring college textbook approach to explaining something)

You need facts and you need them now and, of course, you want them to be free, so the Altos charts really come through in those regards .

You go to his research page and you plug in the market you’re interested in.

I put in Nashville, since that’s where I am,  and I got several  sumptuous charts.

They show average days a house is on the market, price per square foot, (which is $113) and the median house price.

This info is fresh, as of July 12th, and did I mention again that it’s free?

Check out this invaluable resource at

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