Do Condo Assoications Have The Right to Tell Smokers Not to Smoke?

Did a homeowners association go too far- telling smokers they can not smoke in their own homes?

smokers, homeowners assoications, homeowners not allowed to smokeA  homeowners association is ordering smokers to stop smoking- in their own homes.

We’ve discussed the issue of tenants smoking before, but ordering homeowners not to smoke in their own homes could be taking it a little too far.

But times are changing fast.

Frankly, non-smokers probably feel relief.  They use the shared air argument, and it’s valid, of course.

I’ll also say as landlords we’ve dealt with a lot of problems caused by smokers.

Cigarette smoke will stain walls.  If you haven’t had to paint over painted paneling  because of yellowing tar that  gets all over it,  I hope you never have to. 

Still, we also know condo homeowners associations can go way too far sometimes. 

I don’t back down from my statement calling some of them communist central committees.  (Consider  that before buying condos)

What do you think?  Did Fairfax Parkside go too far?  Or am I way out of line even halfway taking up for the smokers?

Here’s the link with the story.  Harris complex owners vote to ban smoking


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