Is Hassle-Free Landlording Possible?

Is it possible to be a hassle free landlord, or will you always be enslaved by your properties?

landlording, bad tenants, landlord hasslesCan you become a hassle-free landlord?

There is an article on Lifestyles Unlimited about how to get rid of a lot of property management headaches due to bad tenants.

It’s hard hitting and I even learned a thing or two. It made me think.

That’s because the article deals with what I believe is the single biggest reason why a lot of prosperous real estate investing careers end. Bad tenants and tenant headaches.

But even if you’re good with tenants, you may still be micro- managing everything too much.

The article talks about that too and uses the example of a restaurant owner trying to do it all. Maybe being a landlord who tries to take care of everything himself can be also as dumb.

So we all need to learn how to delegate more and that will free up our time and our brains for the really important and fun tasks of doing more real estate investing.

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