Google Improves Real Estate Listings On Google Map

Google maps just made your real estate investing easier…Now you can find listings faster

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Google has finally done something about making real estate listings more user friendly on Google Maps.

Google wants more of your online real estate listing action so it can beat out rivals Trulia, Zillow and Yahoo Real Estate.

The jury is still out on who provides the best real estate map services, but a little competition will certainly improve research results.

Google claims the new and improved service is easier and of course, it’s still free, which is good.

All you have to do is go to and type in “google housing search”.  That should give you the latest listings. 

Then you can refine your search according to criteria such as how many bedrooms, square feet, etc.

The Internet is certainly helping real estate investors get the info they need faster and more efficiently, without wasting a lot of your priceless time.

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