Is Dr. Housing Bubble Predicting Real Estate Bottom?

Dr. Housing Bubble has been just about on target predicting the real estate cycle…What’s he thinking now?

Dr. Housing BubbleIs Dr. Housing Bubble actually predicting the bottom of the real estate cycle?

As you know, we’ve been following him for some time and have been enjoying his blog because he gets into the details.

He has been one of the true real estate voices through out the past market ordeal who made sense.

Now he has an excellent article about getting “solid bargains” in
Culver City and Temecula .

Scroll down his article and check out the short sale.
That house originally sold for $400,500 on 7/24/2004 and is now listed for $150,000.

Dr. Housing Bubble’s Southern California Market Report

Instant Info Corp: Getting Real Estate Info on Your Smart Phone

Now you can get the latest info about properties right on your phone thanks to new technology…

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Instant Info Corp has a new real estate technology which allows you to download the latest info about properties.

It’s called technology and helps make your due diligence on property data much easier because you can do it in the field, in real time, when and where you really need it.

You’ll be able to get a lot  including all the basics such as images, square footage, prices, etc.   And you’ll be able to get this info flowing right into your Blackberry, IPhone or other smart phones.

Of course, it goes without saying there are tons of ways this can be used, if all the glitches and insects are out of the software and if it actually works.

But it worth a look because he could be a huge help for real estate investing.

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Real Estate Investing Mistakes: Even the Super Rich Can Do Dumb Things

A super rich dude loses most of his fortune and his made bad real estate investments. Why? Where did he go wrong?

McAfee, bad real estate investing, bad real estate investments, real estate investing tipsReal estate investing mistakes are not only for the middle class because some of the super rich have also made some huge blunders.

Here is a case study of what not to do.

Yes, it involves a lot of extra zeros and there’s big money involved.  Or there was big money involved. $100 million, to be exact.

This is all about  John McAfee, founder of McAfee Antivirus Software.

He made a brilliant move selling his concept.

You got the software free, but you had to pay for technical help.

Hence, the $100 million.

Where he went partially wrong was in his real estate investing.

He put his money in the wrong real estate. Continue reading “Real Estate Investing Mistakes: Even the Super Rich Can Do Dumb Things”

Real Estate Investing 101

Here’s a simple real estate investing plan almost anyone can do even in today’s difficult climate

real estate investing 101, how to invest in real estate

Real estate investing 101 is simple advice for everyone, including those of us who are been at it for a while.

If you’re young, just starting out, or if you have kids and grand kids who want to invest, we’ve found a good article with a basic plan just about anyone can follow.

(I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all those gurus coming up with outdated and impossible investing advice that won’t work in today’s real estate climate.)

You can read the article here, but also the legendary investor in my neck of the woods, Hal Wilson, adds one more really good tip.

His most fav investment property is the 2 bedroom, single family dwelling.

Why? You can limit the size of the family, which means there will be fewer repairs. 

Also, you won’t have the tenant problems you’ll have in duplexes where they’re living closer and they tend to invade each other’s spaces more.

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Property Appreciation: Your Exit Strategy

Can you still investin in real estate for the long term? Yes, and here’s why your properties will appreciate even in these times…

property appreciation, long term investing, real estate investing

Property appreciation: what is your exit strategy?

It’s amazing to me more so called ‘real estate investors’ don’t consider that when they buy.

Mike, of Bee Home Solutions, is a real estate  investor from Charlotte who is actually out there doing what he talks about.

That’s refreshing in and of itself.

He’s got a really good website that breaks down investing planning into bite size bits we can easily chew on.

Choosing your exit strategy is an article he wrote about long term investing, which is what my family has always done. Continue reading “Property Appreciation: Your Exit Strategy”