Homes of the Future: Changes You Can Expect

What will the homes of the future really be like? What changes can we expect? Here are some surprises…

homes of the future, future homes, houses of the futureWhat will future houses be like?

We have a good idea of coming changes based on new research and trends.

Of course, we don’t pretend to know all trends that will affect our real estate buying and investing, but we can use good common sense to get a grapse.

We know one thing that is very clear.  Houses will be smaller.  The big McMansion days are just about over. 

Space will not be wasted and will be used for multiple purposes.  Houses of the future will most likely not have a formal dining room.  

Houses will also be smarter.  Homeowners will have utility meters they can actually read as well as computer facial recognition.  That will make keys totally obsolete within twenty years.

But I think the customization is the key.  That will be the big word builders will be using.

Do-it-yourself architecture and design planning will be the rule for home buyers,  thanks to computer programs.

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