New Homebuyer Survey Is Full of Surprises

What do homebuyers really want? The answers shocked us….

man cave, homebuyer survey, what do homebuyers wantColdwell Banker’s new homebuyer survey has some surprises that opened up my eyes.

It kind of shocked me, actually.

Coldwell Banker did the survey to find out what homebuyers really want in these difficult home selling times.  They were trying to get into the homebuyers’ minds and it’s territory that is both intriging and scary.

Men and women think differently when it comes to homebuying.  That’s not surprising.  It’s always been that way. 

Women go more by feelings.  Does the house feel right?

Here’s where it really  gets revealing.

“How would you use an extra 12X12 room?”

Guess what?  Women would use it as an extra bedroom.  Men said man cave.


I think that’s partly because men need a space of their own and they’re tired of that extra footage only being in the garage.

Here’s another revelation.  Both men and women are looking for workspace in the home.  That says home office, or his and her home offices to me. 

But why didn’t the women say the extra 12X12 space should be used as another home office?  Confusing…. 

This gives us some insight on how to rehab and also how we need to sell our properties.  I think it shows homes must be more versatile than ever because people are cocooning more and also they’re planning on working at home more.

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