Real Estate Investing 101

Here’s a simple real estate investing plan almost anyone can do even in today’s difficult climate

real estate investing 101, how to invest in real estate

Real estate investing 101 is simple advice for everyone, including those of us who are been at it for a while.

If you’re young, just starting out, or if you have kids and grand kids who want to invest, we’ve found a good article with a basic plan just about anyone can follow.

(I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all those gurus coming up with outdated and impossible investing advice that won’t work in today’s real estate climate.)

You can read the article here, but also the legendary investor in my neck of the woods, Hal Wilson, adds one more really good tip.

His most fav investment property is the 2 bedroom, single family dwelling.

Why? You can limit the size of the family, which means there will be fewer repairs. 

Also, you won’t have the tenant problems you’ll have in duplexes where they’re living closer and they tend to invade each other’s spaces more.

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