Good Real Estate Investing For 2010 Promised

Is it true banks will finally sell off those foreclosures? After all, they don’t want to be landlords….

real estate investingThere could be good real estate investing opportunities coming for the next year.

That’s for the savvy real estate investor who likes to forage for those hidden gems.

How do we know?

The Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller Index is pointing in that direction.

As we know, many experts follow this index to determine where housing is really going.

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New London Eminent Domain Update

That infamous New London supreme court case. How did it finally turn out? Here’s the shock…

New London eminent domainNew London Eminent Domain Update

What ever happened to that huge Supreme Court eminent domain case that literally rocked the real estate world?

You remember- The city of New London, Connecticut wanted to bring in a new development   that promised millions to the city but the tiny homeowners had to go first. 

So the city seized the homeowners’ properties all in the name of common good.  Property rights went out through the window and the Supreme Court backed it all up.

It was not one of the Court’s shining moments…

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Is It Time To Invest In Real Estate?

Is it time to invest in real estate again? Or is it stil too early?

time to invest in real estateIs It Time To Invest In Real Estate?

Is it still  too early?  What about the bottom?  Shouldn’t we wait for it?

As always the debate continues amongst those real estate investors who think you should jump back in as opposed to those who don’t.

So there’s a very lively debate going on over at another one of our most fav real estate blogs, Bloodhoundblogger.

Writer Cooksquared defends his earlier post where he said it was okay to go back in.

“The great thing about millions of homes being for sale is that someone will sell at that price; you just have to find the right property.”

Isn’t that what real estate investing  is all about?

Wasn’t that how we used to win Monopoly?

He also points out that real estate is local, which is what we constantly preach from our pulpit. 

But, alas, some of his readers disagree. 

What do you think?

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Real Estate Prices Holding In Washington D.C. Area

Washington, D.C. real estate prices are holding well for the most part. Why?

real estate investingReal estate prices are holding in the Washington, D.C. area, which is not surprising.

A new administration moved in promising new jobs.  Guess what?   That often means bureaucratic jobs in government, right?

Those new people need a place to live, of course.

Washington Post real estate columnist Elizabeth Razzi gives us some good insight about what’s going on in that market.

She also tells one of the absolute golden buyers’ secrets. Continue reading “Real Estate Prices Holding In Washington D.C. Area”

Real Estate Market Bottom: Have We Hit It?

Have we hit the real estate market bottom? What’s next?

Real Estate falling real estate marketMarket Bottom: Have We Hit It?

I’ve just been visiting Property Grunt, one of my favorite bloggers, for some answers.

He thinks we haven’t hit it yet.

I agree.

He’s in Manhattan and I’m in Nashville, so we have two totally different markets.  Still both markets have quite a bit in common.

One thing Property Grunt brings out is the unemployment rate

This hits real estate market trends hard because obviously people need an income to be able to stay in their homes. Continue reading “Real Estate Market Bottom: Have We Hit It?”